Poor Calculator Guy Can't Handle Division

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crest93 created an issue

He can’t handle the calculation of 1/0, so he just throw me out of the game /s. 😢

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  1. Jonathan Peters

    this is intended, and how you get missingno, open the game, and you will spawn immediately next to the calculator guy, then use the emolgataxi and go to the southeast of the region to an area called Gaea town, and land in it to end up in NO DATA, where a level 70 missingno can be caught. Just remember that it’s defense will likely be 4, along with it’s special defense.

  2. Jonathan Peters

    also, if you hit it with a physical attack, the attacker will instantly faint, so false swipe with caution.

  3. ZombiePlayz Games

    1/0 isn’t intentional. The way you get Misingno. is you get him to divide 0/0, the game will crash (intentional) he will say the answer is 0 (which is false), soar to southeast part of Torren, and land at the gliched texture area to catch it.

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