Pikachu Encounter Bug In Shade Forest

Issue #2760 new
Alan Wei created an issue

Whenever I encounter a Pikachu in Shade Forest, if I catch it, the next pokemon I encounter in the Shade Forest is another Pikachu, and continuing to catch them will keep leading to more and more Pikachus, if I defeat one though, the next encounter is still a Pikachu, but the exact same Pikachu that I defeated last time, same gender, level, and assumably the same stats. The temporary solution I found to this was to run, after running, non-Pikachu pokemon can be encountered again, but encountering another Pikachu after that would lead to the same issue if you were to catch it or defeat it. The game’s version right now is 1.2.5 Core, but the latest version I could select is, this is informational. Thanks.

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