1.1.2 Second problem with starter and Daemon not appearing and 2 more

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Volga Mansur created an issue

I'd like to first give my appreciation to the game devs.

So the first problem (not critical like the second but it's major) that I experienced was that you could not pick your starter delta pokemon. This was the previous 1.0.12. or 1.1 Figured it would get fixed. I come to 1.1.2 and yes you can pick your delta pokemon, however Daemon isn't with you. Well technically speaking, he is in the room with you. It's just, after you choose your starter, Daemon or Daemin says he's going to choose his delta, but he's not "there". Daemon's dialogue is pointing to the right black edge, meaning he's in the wall.

Another thing that may or may not be a bug: say you choose Delta Charmander, Daemon goes with Delta Squirtle. D. Squirtle uses the pokemon move Pursuit. However, say YOU pick Delta Squirtle, he has the pokemon move Bite instead. So basically, is it supposed to be a different move set, depending on which starter you pick? Was that intentional?

So you beat Daemon, you get like 356 prize money, 56 if u lose, and you try to leave the Lab. Heck, you try to move once and you can't. After you pick your starter and have a pokemon battle with Daemon, the logical thing to do would be to leave the Lab and head to Shade Forest. However, you can't move a single muscle. You can save and such, but your avatar can't move. Somewhat of a critical bug I'd say.

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  1. Tom Bartley

    I had the same issue. I had saved in the Lab before the update and then shut off. The only way around this that I found was to restart your game (not horrible, as it's about 10 minutes if you speed up) and just don't shut off while in the lab

  2. Tom Bartley

    The Squirtle thing is something I noticed in the previous build. Might be a bug, might be on purpose. As for the in-wall Damien, there's no way that I know of to fix it, as the scripted event with the Professor doesn't occur until Damien leaves the lab and he can't do that when stuck in a wall

  3. Volga Mansur reporter

    Alright so we're down to the in-wall Damien/Daemon bug. Out of curiosity, is the whole Pursuit/Bite thing with D. Squirtle just for that starter? Or have you tried this with D. Charmander and D. Bulbasaur

  4. Tom Bartley

    Haven't seen it with the other starters yet but mostly because I primarily play either the Randomized challenge or the Egglocke challenge

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