Wrong Hidden Grotto Pokemon

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Daneler Hostcrexcum created an issue

I had decided to go to the Murk Forest Hidden Grotto to try to find Delta Scraggy. Sadly, my result was a Chimchar. After killing it, I went to the Hidden Grotto on Route 4 to try to find Delta Sunkern. For some reason, there was no sprite. I walked over to and interacted with where it would be and I got an encounter. Surprise: Chimchar showed up again. According to the wiki, Chimchar should not appear there, so I think it has to do with my encounter with it in the Murk Forest.

For testing purposes, I killed it again, then went to the one on Route 3. To be honest, I half expected to find another spriteless Chimchar. Instead I got a Charmander (with its sprite). For my final test, I went to the Hidden Grotto at Midna Garden. The result was a Durant (also with its sprite).

I would guess that this is either A) A problem between the Murk Forest grotto and the Route 4 grotto, B) A problem with the Route 4 grotto that duplicates what you got at the last grotto without its sprite, or C) A problem with the Murk Forest grotto that duplicates what you got there at the next grotto without its sprite.

Option A doesn't seem to be very likely, but I can't test either it or C as that was my only file with access to Murk Forest. In an attempt to test B, however, I went to another file and went to the Route 3 grotto again. The Pokemon I got was a Pansage. After that, I went to the Route 4 grotto. Instead of a Pansage without a sprite, however, I got an Awakening. This leads me to believe that the Option C is the most likely scenario.

(My apologies for the long bug report. I wanted to share the results of my testing to help lessen your workload.)

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  1. tobiasoned

    The wiki is wrong chimchar is just one of the different pokemon in the grotto. You just need to keep soft ressetting until the poke you want appears.

  2. Nick Mars

    The same thing happened to me but with an honedge, Fought one on route 8 grotto, and invisible encounter in murk forest grotto, sucks cause now i cant catch delta scraggy. When i killed the honedge its just an empty grotto, checked for two days now but it remains empty.

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