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A Nightmare Broken was one of the best tracks I've heard for a pokemon fangame at the start, but my opinion changed immediately as I moved forward in the game. One of the most appealing tracks became a cringe-worthy, ear drilling, nauseating, spammy piece of tracks that I've heard, along with that damn usual city song from zeta/omicron. It's seriously an ear torture for people who cares about OST. Seriously.

Look, there are tons of different town music in original pokemon games. Ever since 4th/5th gen, no two town's soundtracks were ever the same. Why are you not simply taken example from that? I'm not asking mrsinger to compose more original tracks, but really, why not just implement more of those awesome city tracks into the game, making it less painful to listen, and on the contrary enjoyable? There are tons of enjoyable tracks in 4th and 5th generation, you really should consider that, for the love of creation trio.

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