Game locks on easy even though it was played on hard

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Hayatoro created an issue

As the title says my game get locked on easy mode despite the fact I was playing on hard. It happened somewhere around 3rd gym. I check difficult setting after rival battle in the library so I can't tell excatly when it happened, but fight against Rayquaza in helios city was probably on easy <it didn't mega evolved>

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  1. TabbyTheFurry

    I had this too, Mine locked on easy somewhere after first gym, i should have realized sooner but i'm a dumbass and only noticed at the mega rayquaza boss fight

  2. Hayatoro reporter

    I realized after that rival battle that something is wrong, and my last back-up save was just after beating Rayquaza.

  3. TabbyTheFurry

    I remembered that it was porbably after second gym for me, I remember getting axew to level cap then rare candying him just so he knew taunt to use on that shuckle

  4. Timothy McDowell

    I also had this, it was on hard for the first gym and did lock on hard after. The level cap was still in place for the second gym (35) but after than I never hit it again, then by rayquaza I noticed it had dropped to easy. :(

    I really want hard back, can you at just unlock the choice until this bug is fixed?

  5. Hayatoro reporter

    In my game 3rd leader was probably on easy on mode, he had 5 mons and was kind of weak, So it's probably something to do with second gym.

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