Difficulty changing from normal to easy

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At some point after the 2nd Gym Leader my difficulty changed to easy from normal on it's own. I repeatedly checked all through before the first gym to make sure it was on normal, which it was. I eventually realized it was on easy when Jaern's Rayquaza and the Oracle's Banette didn't Mega Evolve. I have restarted 3 times now and this error has occurred all 3 times I've played through

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  1. Joshua Hughes

    The same happened to me. I was on hard mode up until sometime after defeating the second gym, and then I noticed the level cap wasn't working, so I checked difficulty and it was on easy. I know it was on hard mode pre-gym battle because the level cap for all my pokemon was lvl 35. I am guessing that defeating the 2nd gym leader re-did the lock difficulty command and switched it, but that's just a guess and could easily be something else.

  2. kingKiraly

    I have the same issue. The only difference is, that it changed it from hard to easy. i REALLY wish to change it back because in easy i just rush through the game without any challenge :( I even switched my team so i am always underlevelled^^

    Could we please have the possibility to switch the Difficulty once again?

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