Game launches but crashes after title screen

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The patch was fine until i got to the town with the trading centre, I saved while surfing and suddenly it won't load anymore, I deleted the files and downloaded the core, but it still doesn't work, so i suspect something to do with the save file?

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  1. Lapin Lune

    I received the same error. All I did was buy a few things, put on the cat ears, change difficulty to hard, story to dark, and proceed to Steam Cave. I saved, turned it off, but then that error code appeared after the title screen. When I tried merging files instead of using the downloaded core, I was able to get into the save file screen, before crashing, when I had yet to copy .DS_Store and the Game.RGSS. after merging those two, the error came up again.. im getting the impression its the save file as well..

  2. TabbyTheFurry

    Oh, i Had the cat ears equipped too, forgot about that, that's the only new thing I equipped, and the only pokemon i caught in the new patch was delta budew, which was in my box at the time. So thanks to lapin for reminding me, it might be equipping cat ears too.

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