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Sorry if this has been solved before, but I looked it up and couldn't find anything. I'm on the latest version, and noticed that when I first start surfing, the sprite is my character instead of Lapras. The sprite fixes itself if I surf onto another map. It's nothing major, but I just want to know if anyone knows if there's a way to correct it. I already tried re-patching several times, and even deleted the entire folder and creating a new one from a freshly downloaded core, and the sprite is still glitched. Any suggestions?

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  1. melispanda

    @thesuzerain (had to make an account to reply, but this is my topic) My skin is the middle girl with the purple hair, and my clothes are a purple shirt, blue pants, and cat ears. I tried with the basic jumpsuit and no cat ears, and the same thing happened. (And just a side note, my character's regular sprite looks weird whenever I have her facing left, right, and forward. If she's looking at the screen, she's fine.)

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