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Is there a reason for Pokemon in Friend Safari having a Chance of 1/8192 for being Shiny while Wild Pokemon have a Chance of 1/4096 of being Shiny?

Shouldn't Friend Safari Pokemon have a higher (or at least the same) Chance of being Shiny?

Just for Completion. Pokepon having a 1/2400 Chance of making your Pokemon Shiny which is still far away from the "Double the Chance of appearing in the wild" and even further away from the 1/1024 the mods like to stick with.

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  1. deukhoofd

    Friend Safari Pokemon have the exact same chance as wild pokemon to be shiny. The chance is 1/8192 everywhere. And, as shininess is supposed to be rare, and lowering shiny rate makes shiny pokemon less special, the chances are not going to be much better any time soon.

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