Egg Tokens not working properly?

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I encountered a bug (or at least, I think it's a bug) that applies to Egglockes. If I hatch in egg other than the ones that are in Egglocke boxes (e.g. receiving an egg as a gift in game and decide to hatch it), the game will not allow me to use it as an Egg Token. It just gives the standard "you may not interact with this box in an Egglocke" if I try to swap out Pokémon. The Pokémon hatched from the gift eggs also function normally, instead of becoming Egg Tokens in the party. Strangely, if a regular Pokémon is gifted to me (in game), I can swap it out as an Egg Token just fine. This is what makes me think that the problem with the hatched Pokemon is unintentional. Could someone please fix this, or confirm that it even is a glitch?

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