Can go to Whirl Islands before museum, leader shows up in museum to taunt

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I couldn't be bothered to enter the museum in Miara Town, but instead went south. Found the Whirl Islands, got lost, then eventually found the Abyssal leader. After finishing her, everybody left. On my way back, I decided to check out the museum. There, she came to grab the bell in order to summon Lugia (which she already did) and told me to meet her in Whirl Islands (which I had already done).

Minor issue, but still off.

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  1. cystrom

    Yeah, I ran into the same bug today. I was super confused at what was going on. I haven't played the game before, so this is all new to me. I was just a bit confused when Audrey summoned Lugia with the Tidal Bell, and then I ran into her at the museum when she was getting the Tidal Bell.

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