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-what to cover in each project
-* home page, doc links etc...
-* how to get involved in the project; where it needs help
-* it's plan/milestones related to the "new model"
+see pip for an example of what to add
+the "milestones" are just to highlight things related to PEPs or the new model.
+:description: A tool for installing and managing Python packages
+:categories: installer, builder
+:mailing list:!forum/python-virtualenv
+:contact: Marcus Smith,
+v1.3.1 (3/7/13)
+* ssl cert support for pypi downloads (TUF PEP?)
+v1.4 (unreleased)
+* support for building, installing (and uninstalling) wheels (PEP425, PEP427, PEP376)
+* add warnings for external links (external links PEP)