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This repo is based on an idea from Marcus Smith, to create a Python packaging and distribution tool developer oriented hub resource that can be used to coordinate the various efforts in Python packaging, highlighting the tools involved, the mailing lists to join (distutils-sig and catalog-sig), the PEPs to read, etc.

For starters as a list of tools, see the list of projects identified at:

PEPs to be highlighted include the metadata PEPs (especially the latest, PEP 426), the installation database PEP (376) and the wheel PEPs (425, 427).

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  1. Marcus Smith

    for context, here's some of my comments that led to this:

    "Going with the idea of the meta framework that will let independent projects plug together. How about leading an effort towards a "meta project/community" that ties the projects together socially."


    "I just keep thinking we need to get more on the same team, assuming people buy into trying to comply with this new "meta framework" (whenever it becomes more tangible). a lot of momentum would come out of that I think."

    "nothing too rigid, but something: - mailing list for project developers who are buying into the framework - a joint user list thats open for questions on any project in the collective. - a meta website that brings us together. it would champion the framework (and associated PEPs), and provide links and information about projects that are participating, and provide basic guides on how to get going."

  2. Nick Coghlan reporter

    Note that, while this repo is definitely inspired by Marcus's comment about a place to document the still nebulous idea of an implementation agnostic meta build framework for interoperability between different tools, this initial idea is actually just to document the status quo of Python packaging tools: what the various projects are, where each of them is discussed and developed, where the key mailing lists and other communication channels can be found, how to get involved in working on the various tools, etc.

    I'd also like the site to eventually extend out into linking to platform specific resources (like the packaging guides for Debian and Fedora, as well as tools like dh_python[23] and pyp2rpm)

    Since existing packaging tool developers are already stretched thin, I'm actually seeing if I can get some new folks interested in contributing to such a site - Audrey Roy pointed out to me that "How can I help?" is currently a hard question to find an answer to for packaging tools (due to the scattered nature of them), so my new top answer to that question is "Help us write a guide that better answers the question 'How can I get involved in the development of Python packaging tools?'"

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