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Issue #13 resolved

Unable to read unicode. return funny characters

Anonymous created an issue


Hope this can be fix..Unable to read unicode. return funny characters.

I tested xifTool – Enhanced Java Integration for ExifTool no problems with Chinese characters;

so, I believe this must be some of the setting.... Hope this can be fix soon :-D

Such a great tool! I really love it ^o^

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  1. Phillip repo owner


    so for taking so long, but I kinda managed to fix it. Command line output and J-ExifTool output both show unicode characters without any issues. However, on Windows it was a bit harder to get this one fixed for you (since the command line output of Chinese characters is not supported on my Windows version. I did add a system property so you can match J-ExifTool and your command line: be.pw.jexif.internal.constants.ExecutionConstant.EXIFTOOLCLIENCODING .

    It defaults to UTF-8 in Linux/Mac and Cp850 on Windows. You can find your code page by launching 'chcp' in Windows. Resolved in version 0.0.7

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