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 J-ExifTool doesn't use Ant of Maven, you can simply clone the source code and import into Eclipse or IntelliJ. Some people might argue that using Ant or Maven is much better, but for a simple, single module project with only a few dependencies it's too expensive (in terms of maintenance, built time and complexity) to use a build tool.
 == How to use ==
+First of all, grab the latest release [[|here]]. I've also provided a [[|zip]] with all the dependencies you'll need, please add them to your project if needed.
 J-ExifTool uses ExifTool 8.91 or later, you can grab it [[|here]]. J-ExifTool will look at system property //exiftool.path// to determine where ExifTool is installed. For a more comprehensive example you can take a look at
 Under normal circumstances you should only need to use the classes in the package, everything stored under is for //internal// use only (duh !).