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 Currently, you can only read and write ExifIFD and IFD0 tags using J-ExifTool, future versions might include
 * Copy tag from another image
 * Date-shift
-* Read-all tags
 * More 'known' tags in the library
 J-ExifTool is very, very beta at the moment and the feature-set is relatively limited, but if you find any bugs, feel free to [[https://bitbucket.org/P_W999/j-exiftool/issues/new|report]] them.
 More info about GPS + Exiftool can be found [[http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/faq.html#Q14|here]] and the complete list of supported GPS tags (including the values they support can be found [[http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/TagNames/GPS.html|here]]
+=== Using unsupported Tags ===
+I currently do not have the time to convert the complete list of supported tags into java code. Since v0.0.4 you can "add" support for other Tags. All you have to do is create a new enum that implements the Tag interface. 
+For example:
+public enum TestTagClass implements Tag {
+		LENSSPEC("LensSpec", false, false, false, DataType.STRING);
+		private final boolean avoided;
+		private final boolean unsafe;
+		private final boolean protectedField;
+		private final String name;
+		private final DataType type;
+		private TestTagClass(final String name, final boolean unsafe, final boolean avoided, final boolean protectedField, final DataType type) {
+			this.avoided = avoided;
+			this.unsafe = unsafe;
+			this.protectedField = protectedField;
+			this.name = name;
+			this.type = type;
+		}
+//some getters come here
+You can then register your new set of tags:
+=== Change the language of the error messages ===
+Since v0.0.4 you can change the language of the error messages with the following snippet:
+Cal10nUtil.changeLocale(new Locale("nl"));
+If the language isn't supported, J-ExifTool will fallback to english. Currently, following languages are supported:
+* English
+* Dutch
 === Troubleshooting ===
 ==== Deadlocked after iteration of x ====
 This error indicates that J-ExifTool waited too long for the ExifTool output to finish. This happens if
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