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 == What is J-ExifTool ==
 J-ExifTool is the first open-source, cross platform Java7 library which allows you to read and write Exif tags from any image file. J-ExifTool uses the [[|ExifTool by Phil Harvey]] to accomplish this. The ExifTool library has been around for a long time and is probably one of the best tools to manipulate exif tags.\\
-Currently, you can only read and write ExifIFD, IFD0 and GPS tags using J-ExifTool, future versions might include
-* Copy tag from another image
-* Date-shift
-* More 'known' tags in the library
 J-ExifTool is very, very beta at the moment and the feature-set is relatively limited, but if you find any bugs, feel free to [[|report]] them.