Snake game clone in Pygame


I made this when I was studying Pygame many years ago: it is a clone of the Snake game, done in Python with the SDL library Pygame. Note: it works, but I never finished it (no score count, no boundaries logic, no start or end screen).

The logic could be improved, if I did this today it would have less lines, other logic and cleaner. But for study material it is ok.

Everyone can use this in any way they like, I don't care about licenses or copyright, just have fun.

How to run:

If you don't have Python installed simply run the file "main.exe" - I compiled it from the Python source with Pyinstaller: "pyinstaller.exe --onefile --windowed" Note: I have not tested it in the .exe format.

To run the source code like a boss the only requirement is: -An installed version of Python (used 2.7, not tested with other versions) -Pygame (don't remeber what version I used at the time, but the current one in 2018 seems to be working ok)

To get pygame just install it through the comand line with: pip install pygame

Then just run the file "".

How to play:

Use the arrow keys (up, right, down, left) to control the movement, catch the green squares to grow, if you touch yourself (pun not intended) you loose.


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