Grammar patters videogame test

This is a software I made for a research group on psychology at my university, that was studying grammar patterns learning skills in children. It was used to collect data and test children learning skills. It started as a test concept only and later I had not time remake it, so the code is a little messy. Initially it was interactive, one could move the could with the mouse and click, and had a lot of extra stuff (f.e. the soild sprites were randoom, changing each time the app was run; when rain touched the tree flowers would appear on screen and happy sounds, like a status bar, when reached 100% it would feel all the screen; there were extra aniamtions and souds, etc.). Later they asked me to make it statick and cut all the fancy visuals, because children would be distracted by it: now after x seconds the steps on screen change automatically and voices give the comands for the test (a male and a female dpending on the user gender). When the app runs, it asks if one want to use the fixed version (1) or the interactive one (2), but only the 1st works fully, the 2nd one was the initall interactive one with animations cutted out, but I stoped developing it and now it crashs mid way (I could fix it easly, I know were the problem is, but not time for time and too boring).

To run execute the file "": you need to have Python 2.7 installed and a version of Pyglet (just do "pip install pyglet" in the command line to get it). Or if you don't have Python run the file "main.exe": it is a compiled version made with pyinstall.


The code and game concept is mine, but all the scientific componente and idea is not (ps: and the narrator sounds), so if you need to use this exactly as it is and all the scientific part contact the researchers: Ana Paula Soares (University of Minho). When it comes to the codes and sprits, if you want to run them or adapt anything, I don't care about licenses or copyright, use everything freely, I believe in a free world.

How to use:

Just follow the instructions on screen: the first console scr.een asks for user data and game mode (only the 1st fully works), after that it launchs in fullscreen an animated version with a narrator (masculine or feminine depending on the user gender): just follow the instructions. After it is done the user data (like time between answears or key press's, wrong answears, etc.) is saved in the "Saves" folder. The questions that appear on screen (the seeds sequences) are in the files "phase1_sequences.txt" and "phase2_sequences.txt", if you edit them it changes the questions during the game (each number corresponds to a different gem/seed color).


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