Linguistic IDE

Personal project: programming a text IDE for linguistics purposes. My aim is to create a text editor kind of software, but focusing only in the linguistics (academic aspect), analyzing in real time stuff like grammar, morphology, corpora techniques, statistics, automatic translation, sintax, semantics, etc. Ideally it will have a parallel website, where academics/public can update the database and contribute with updates or new plugins. I plan to integrate the NLTK library with it and do cool stuff like sintatic trees, etc. I don't have as much free time as I would like to, so it has been a very slow development and it has a long long way to go (I am always jumping from stuff to stuff), but one day I hope to finish this. I started it in Javascript, then jumped to Tkinter, later to Pyglet, but now I am using Kivy and some C for performance. I keep changing it for many reasons (performance, new interests, or changed my objectives midway - at the beginning wanted a simple web-app, now want a full fledge desktop software, etc.). I have been doing this also to study new libraries - since I want to stick my study to Python and Kivy for now, I have been using it, but ideally in the future would like to port it and remake it with a faster language, ideally Rust (want to master and try it for some time). At the moment it only has word autocomplete and some layout functionality, I used Radix Trees ("Patricia trie") for that. When I finish new functions and test them I'll add new content, but for now there is a long run ahead, it is only a prototype pre-pre-pre-alfa.

Want to run this?

You'll need: Python 3 and Kivy installed. The file "" starts the application. Take notice that there is a lot of commented code for testing purposes and bugs, it is far away from finished. If I release this one day I'll compile executables and clean the code, until then this is just for study purposes (it is open-source, don't care about licenses) and I take no responsability on how you use this.

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