Thomas Tuerk committed 288ed12

zip_same_length added to "list_extra", minor tweaks on hol-heap

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 open pred_setSimps pred_setTheory
 open finite_mapTheory
 open set_relationTheory
+open integerTheory intReduce;
 val _ = numLib.prefer_num();


-HOLHEAP = ../../hol-lib/lemheap
+HOLHEAP = ../../hol-lib/lemheap
+INCLUDES = ../../hol-lib


 declare compile_message find_non_pure = "find_non_pure is undefined, if no element with the property is in the list. Better use find."
+(* ------------------------- *)
+(* zip same length           *)
+(* ------------------------- *)
+val zip_same_length : forall 'a 'b. list 'a -> list 'b -> list ('a * 'b) 
+let inline zip_same_length =
+declare compile_message zip_same_length = "zip_same_length is undefined, if the two lists have different lengths"
+declare hol target_rep function zip_same_length l1 l2 = `ZIP` (l1, l2)
+declare ocaml target_rep function zip_same_length = `List.combine` 
+assert zip_same_length_1 : (zip_same_length [(1:nat); 2;3;4;5] [(2:nat); 3;4;5;6] = [(1,2);(2,3);(3,4);(4,5);(5,6)])
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