Ionel Cristian Mărieș  committed 56a00eb

Serialize virtual fields too.

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                     if not get_fields:
                         get_fields = set([ f.attname.replace("_id", "", 1)
-                            for f in data._meta.fields ])
+                            for f in data._meta.fields + data._meta.virtual_fields])
                     # sets can be negated.
                     for exclude in exclude_fields:
                 met_fields = self.method_fields(handler, get_fields)
-                for f in data._meta.local_fields:
+                for f in data._meta.local_fields + data._meta.virtual_fields:
                     if f.serialize and not any([ p in met_fields for p in [ f.attname, ]]):
                         if not f.rel:
                             if f.attname in get_fields: