Shooting through Walls at MXT CTF : Glitching

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I have been testing SEC2 at MXT CTF. On the Alleys map, I see many players glitching behind doors and shooting others from behind the walls of the map. SEC V1.2 offered a feature to prevent shooting through walls. (the command cmd_glitch 0) Can this feature be included in SEC2? Custom maps will always have glitch opportunities - there is a need for this feature.

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  1. Phreeze repo owner

    I understand what you mean, however that specific spot on Alleys map is designed to let you shoot through the wall. It behaves the same way on SEC 1.2. Its not a glitch, just ask Fred.

    cmd_glitch in SEC actually causes problems with bullet physics, so many servers did or do not use it. An accurate and useful implementation is quite difficult, mainly because the problem is on the client side. I consider it an inherent fault of the engine and unfortunately its not high on my priority list.

    In my opinion, the problem can be avoided with careful map design, as i believe there are types of wall structures or combination of structures that can be used to prevent this issue. I have even seen certain types of corner angles that can be used to prevent lean glitching!

    Maybe Fred can comment on this one.

  2. CountryHam reporter

    The players involved were Shoootas and Jurij. Both were shooting through the walls all over the map - not simply through the door.

    I cannot promise, but I may be able to solve the bullet issue if given a chance to view the code. I do have extensive physics experience that may be helpful. Can you let me review the pertinent code?

    Thanks again Phreeze.

  3. Phreeze repo owner

    Also, i have not touched any code related to this in SEC2, so looking at retail public tools code is going to be the same thing.

  4. CountryHam reporter

    Thanks for the insight Phreeze - I will dig into the SDK for any obvious hints to what code opportunities might exist. I will advise if I get lucky.

  5. fredcpp

    I must agree with Phreeze: This is a prtoblem with the engine and the game Itself, and, should be "fixed" with better map design. when I made that map I was clueless about a lot of stuff, so It's my fault. newer maps are made trying to avoid this issue.

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