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Peridexis Errant
created an issue

I am officially requesting that time-of-release the MacNewbPack includes documentation for the utilities it ships with, including a .txt or .html with links to the development site of these projects. I've just spent about an hour trying to find the documentation for Dwarf Family. Do you have any idea how many hits "Dwarf+Family+utility" gets on a website called Dwarf Fortress? Fer'serious!

Edit: About half the utilities are already shipping with readme.txts and .pdfs, so I guess what I'm asking for is a duplicate copy be set up in a Help folder, and that links to the project documentation be added for the missing ones. At which point, you may as well add in a button on the Utilities tab for that folder.

Obviously adding or creating README files is the responsibility of the utility developer, or falls to the pack maintainer.

Adding a button to each item on the utilities list, to open an autodetected README file with the default app for that file type, would help expose documentation to users. I've been planning to implement this eventually, but a user request means this deserves a spot on the issue tracker.

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  1. Michael Madsen repo owner

    Proposed implementation:

    The first case-insensitive match for "README*" or "READ ME" in the utility folder will be used for auto-detecting a readme file. When #103 is implemented, utility manifests should be able to override with a "readme" field specifying the path to open. This could potentially also be a URL if the documentation isn't included locally.

    I'm not yet sure how we're going to actually put the controls to let the user launch them. Ideally, I'd like a right-click menu, but that's not really going to work in the current UI, so maybe we'll just add a "Open README" button to the window and have it launch the readme for all selected utilities...

  2. Peridexis Errant reporter

    That implementation sounds good to me. I have a strong preference for local documentation, but it's not relevant now (and someone could have eg which opens online docs in a browser).

    I don't think anyone is really delighted by the utilities list, so whatever works is fine.

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