PioneerAxon avatar PioneerAxon committed 7ada46e

Handle Han digits

Fixed: pl_get_next_token() now supports Han digits (〇〡〢〣〤〥〦〧〨〩). They were not detected by g_unichar_isdigit().

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 	if (pl_compare_all (ch, 2, (gchar*[]){",","."}))
 		return PL_DECIMAL;
-	if (g_unichar_isdigit (ch))
+	if (g_unichar_isdigit (ch) || pl_compare_all (ch, 10, (gchar*[]){"〇","〡","〢","〣","〤","〥","〦","〧","〨","〩"}))
 		return PL_DIGIT;	/* 0-9 */
 	if (g_unichar_isxdigit (ch))
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