Django-Prismriver / COPYING

Several independent works are being distributed along with UniTMX that fall
under different licenses. You can find the license that applies to each file
in the comment at the top, but since you cant do it with the assets they are listed here:

Item                   Directory                   		   		License            		AUTHOR/URL
UniTMX                 /Code, /Editor             		   		BSD 				  	Pol Cámara
"App" icons    	       app_icon/default_big.png / default.png 	CC-BY					Yusuke Kamiyamane 
"App" users/web icons  app_icon/web_big.png / web.png			Linkback (check site)   Pixel mixer
					   app_icon/users_big.png / users.png		

The full text of each license is provided in the files LICENSE.BSD, LICENSE.CCBY and author sites