Twisted Potions Double Trouble / twisted-potions-double-trouble.userprefs

  <MonoDevelop.Ide.Workspace ActiveConfiguration="Debug" />
  <MonoDevelop.Ide.Workbench ActiveDocument="Assets/scripts/InputManager.cs">
      <File FileName="Assets/scripts/PlayerCharacter.cs" Line="52" Column="9" />
      <File FileName="Assets/scripts/InputManager.cs" Line="55" Column="77" />
      <File FileName="Assets/scripts/GUIManager.cs" Line="14" Column="17" />
      <File FileName="Assets/scripts/Button.cs" Line="16" Column="19" />
      <File FileName="Assets/scripts/CameraManager.cs" Line="57" Column="15" />
    <BreakpointStore />
  <MonoDevelop.Ide.DebuggingService.PinnedWatches />
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