Additions to UniTMX

#1 Merged at 32290a4
  1. Joshua Minor

Hi, I added some helpful additions to UniTMX. You're welcome to pull them into the main repo if you'd like. Here is a summary:

  • Updated to work with Unity 4.
  • Added support for multiple collision tags per tile (top,bottom,left,right or any combination).
  • Modified z depth layering to place collision layer in proper depth order based on the tmx layering.
  • Fixed some bugs.

Comments (4)

  1. PolCPP repo owner

    Thanks, i'll take a deeper look tonight before accepting the pull but on a quick read looks good.

    Aside from that, i think there was an index error rendering some of the uv's that i never had time to fix ( the house roof in this test) did you find it?

  2. PolCPP repo owner

    Sorry for the late update, been quite busy

    I've been having some issues (maybe it's because i'm half asleep), but it looks that some of the tile uvs from the example assets load incorrectly.


    If work allows me i'll try to revise it carefully this weekend.

  3. PolCPP repo owner

    Ah found the problem, just flip the uv's, i'm going to accept the pull and add a new commit fixing it. Just in case you want to bring it into your own repo. :)

  4. Joshua Minor author

    Awesome! I just realized that 90% of my terrain tiles are nearly symmetrical so I didn't notice that I had them horizontally flipped. Hilarious. Thanks for finding that.