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Vesperia: A Tethealla management port proxy and api server

Vesperia is a bridge that implements extra security and acts like an api server to extend easily the Tethealla psobb server. It's mostly just compatible with the server but it includes a mock server, and implementing inside your tethealla server and extending it to comply with the protocol on the docs can be pretty useful.


Semi-functional beta.


  • Nodejs
  • Coffeescript
  • Node-Stringprep dependencies
  • Modified tethealla with mana port that complies with the simple protocol specifications


  • Install node and coffeescript
  • Install node-stringprep dependencies: Read
  • Download the repo
  • Configure the according to your configuration
  • Register an api key running "coffee add Mysecretkey"
  • Run tethealla
  • Start the ApiProxy doing "coffeee"

In case you want to run the mock server (which at this moment is just a very simple version that only replies to "200" commands with the correct aknowledge).

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