Vesperia /

 Vesperia: A Tethealla management port proxy and api server

 Copyright 2012 Pol Cámara
 Released under the MIT license
 Check LICENSE.MIT for more details.

Security = require "./model/security"
crypto = require "crypto"

#The global var is used to jump from a socket to the server.
gServer = false

class Server
  clients:  {}
  socket: false
  security: false
  constructor: (@net, @port, @host, @connection, @client) ->
    gServer = this = new Security connection 'message', (message) -> gServer._parseTethPacket(message)
  Initializes the server
  Example usage:
  initialize: ->
    server = this._startSocket
    server.listen this.port,

  _startSocket: (socket) -> 
    socket.authenticated = false
    socket.uid = false
    socket.write "100"
    socket.on 'data', (data) -> gServer._onData this,data.toString().replace("\n","")

  _onData: (socket, data) ->
    this._parsePacket socket, data if this._authenticate socket, data

  _authenticate: (socket, data) ->
    hashed = false
    return true if socket.authenticated == true
    if data.length > 3
      command = data.substring 0, 3
      if command == "110" || command == "111"
        hashed = true if command == "111"
        password = data.substring 3, data.length
        password = password.trim() password, hashed, (keyExists) ->
          if keyExists
            socket.authenticated = true
            socket.uid =  crypto.createHash("md5").update((new Date().getTime()+Math.floor(Math.random()*1000)).toString()).digest("hex")
            socket.write "102"
            gServer.clients[socket.uid] = socket
            gServer._disconnectClient socket, "101"
        gServer._disconnectClient socket, "101"
    return false
  _disconnectClient: (socket,code) ->
    delete gServer.clients[socket.uid] if socket.uid

  _parsePacket: (socket,data) ->
    command = data.substring 0, 3
    details = data.substring 3, data.length
    details = details.trim()
    switch command
      when "210" then gServer._sendToTethealla(socket,details)

  _parseTethPacket: (data) ->
    if data.length > 35
      command = data.substring 0, 3
      uid = data.substring 3, 35
      message = data.substring 35, data.length
      if gServer.clients[uid] != "undefined"
        gServer.clients[uid].write message
      console.log data.toString()

  _sendToTethealla: (socket,action) ->    
    if gServer.client
      if gServer.client.connected "200"+socket.uid+action
        socket.write "202"

module.exports.Server = Server
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