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Globulation 2


Short explanation:

To compile glob2 from CVS, run:
- ./bootstrap (creates ./configure)
- ./configure (configure the sources)
- ./syncdata (get the gfx and sounds)
- ./syncmaps (get the maps)
- make (compile)
- make install (install, you need to be root, you can skip this if you want glob2 from src directory)

To compile glob2 from CVS, you need the following libraries and programs:
- automake
- autoconf
- libsdl1.2
- libsdl-net1.2
- libsdl-image1.2
- libsdl-ttf2.0
- libspeex
- libvorbis
Of course, you need the development version of the libs.

Long explanation:

If you have taken this from CVS and you want to build the package, run the
bootstrap script first (or autoreconf).

If SDL is not installed system wide but rather in ${prefix}, add the
following flags to aclocal:
i.e. for MacOS X, replace 'aclocal' in the bootstrap script with:
aclocal -I /usr/local/share/aclocal

If you want do be able to install the game using a build directory different
from the source directory, use automake version 1.7 instead of version 1.4
(replace 'automake' with 'automake-1.7' and 'aclocal' with 'aclocal-1.7' in the
bootstrap script).

You now have a ready-to-configure source.
Read then the README file.