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README for sphinx-contrib

This repository contains a collection of Sphinx_ extensions maintained by
their respective authors.  It is not an official part of Sphinx.

.. _Sphinx:


Use ```` in the subdirectory for the individual extension::

   cd dir
   python build
   sudo python install


If you want to add your own extension, please write an e-mail to and give your bitbucket user name; you will then
get write access to the public repo at

Send wishes, comments, patches, etc. for individual extensions
to their author as given in the module.

List of extensions
.. Note that this will be viewed using the bitbucket web interface ..
.. which does not support the full sphinx markup like. ..

- aafig: render embeded ASCII art as nice images using aafigure_.
- actdiag: embed activity diagrams by using actdiag_
- adadomain: an extension for Ada support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
- ansi: parse ANSI color sequences inside documents
- autorun: Execute code in a runblock directive.
- blockdiag: embed block diagrams by using blockdiag_
- cheeseshop: easily link to PyPI packages
- context: a builder for ConTeXt.
- doxylink: Link to external Doxygen-generated HTML documentation
- epydoc: cross-reference eypdoc generated documentation
- erlangdomain: an extension for Erlang support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
- exceltable: embed Excel spreadsheets into documents using exceltable_
- feed: an extension for creating syndication feeds from your site content
- gnuplot: produces images using gnuplot_ language.
- googleanalytics: track html visitors statistics
- googlechart: embed charts by using Google Chart_
- httpdomain: a domain for documenting RESTful HTTP APIs.
- hyphenator: client-side hyphenation of HTML using hyphenator_
- issuetracker: link to different issue trackers
- lilypond: an extension inserting music scripts from Lilypond_ in PNG format.
- mscgen: embed mscgen-formatted MSC (Message Sequence Chart)s.
- nwdiag: embed network diagrams by using nwdiag_
- omegat: support tools to collaborate with OmegaT_ (Sphinx 1.1 needed)
- osaka: convert standard Japanese doc to Osaka dialect (it is joke extension)
- paverutils: an alternate integration of Sphinx with Paver_.
- plantuml: embed UML diagram by using PlantUML_
- programoutput: include output of programs into documentation
- pyqt4: markup for PyQt4 signals
- requirements: declare requirements wherever you need (e.g. in test
  docstrings), mark statuses and collect them in a single list 
- rubydomain: an extension for Ruby support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
- sadisplay: display SqlAlchemy model sadisplay_
- sdedit: an extension inserting sequence diagram by using Quick Sequence. 
  Diagram Editor (sdedit_)
- seqdiag: embed sequence diagrams by using seqdiag_
- spelling: Spelling checker using PyEnchant_
- sword: an extension inserting Bible verses from Sword_.
- traclinks: create TracLinks_ to a Trac_ instance from within Sphinx
- youtube: embed videos from YouTube_
- zopeext: provide an ``autointerface`` directive for using Zope interfaces.

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For contributors

When adding or updating your extension, please adhere to these guidelines:

* Use ```` to set up your extension subdirectory.
* Each extension must be either a submodule or subpackage of the
  ``sphinxcontrib`` package.  The ``sphinxcontrib/`` file in your
  package must not be changed.
* Each extension must be listed in this file under "List of extensions" above.
* Each author should be listed in ``AUTHORS`` along with the extension name.
* It would be good to have all extensions BSD licensed; otherwise make a note in
  an ``ext/LICENSE`` file.
* Each extension can maintain a changelog and readme file; these files should
  be called ``ext/CHANGES`` and ``ext/README``, respectively.