What is this repository for?

This is a single gimp script-fu script to create a planet image.

How do I get set up?

To enable the script, first clone the repo (or download the planet.scm file manually) and place it in your <home>/.gimp-$ver/scripts/ folder. Your gimp folder will be hidden by default, have fun with that. It will also include the gimp version in its name (on my system, I have .gimp-2.8, you might have a different version - it doesn't matter what version you have).

To prepare the script, you will first need to create an empty image (this is a known bug and should not be necessary). If this is the first time with the script, or you have just updated it, you will need to open gimp and navigate to Filters|Script-Fu and select "Refresh Scripts". This will add/update the "Planet creator" script to the Misc section near the bottom of the Filter menu.

To run the script, launch it via Filter|Misc|Planet creator. You can select the size of the planet to create (in pixels), and several colors: The Water color is the bottom layer, Land color is the middle layer, Mountain color is the top layer. Then there is a cloud color which appears above the created planet. The sliders can be used to configure how much water/land/mountains are on your planet, and the cloud coverage. Sun parameters are currently WIP.