Inventory loss on creative quit

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Players that are not OP, nor have any bypass permissions loose their survival inventory when leaving in creative mode. I do not see any errors in the console. The server is running on Paper Spigot 1.16.5. I have not tried removing any plugins, but this issue has been going on for a while.

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  1. Hans Kurel repo owner

    What other plugins do you have installed? Multiverse and similar plugins are known to cause such issues.

  2. Equimunity

    These are all our plugins
    BlockLocker, BookUtils*, BuycraftX, ChatControl, Citizens, ColoredBooked, ColoredSigns, CoreProtect, DiscordSRV, Economy*, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, GSit, HolographicDisplays, HorseTpWithMe, ImageOnMap, Images, LuckPerms, PlaceholderAPI, PlayerParticles, PlayTime*, ProtocolLib, QuickShop, RestrictedCreative, SimplePets, SkBee, Skellett, SkQuery, Skript, SkStuff*, TAB, TimeIsMoney*, TuSKe*, Vault, Votifier, VotingPlugin, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

  3. Cloakfox

    We have the exact same issue, if players log out of the server with creative mode and then join back (they will automatically be put into survival mode & also will have lost all of their survival inventory items) This has happened a few times already, im quite unsure why this happens, the plugin should be able to properly save inventories and restore them.

    We use bentobox for world management & have keep inventory set to true

  4. C4BR3R4

    I just installed the plugin and the same issue: if the player disconnects in creative mode, reconnecting in survival mode the inventory is empty.

    P.D.: With other creative management plugins this did not happen.

  5. C4BR3R4

    I have solved the problem by disabling the function indicating the arrow (in the image), which does the opposite of what it should.

    The developer should change this, because it is confusing.

  6. Hans Kurel repo owner

    This “fix“ is confusing because it’s not a fix, it’s a workaround that happens to solve your issue.

    Specifically, if saving inventories is turned off, RC doesn’t save the other inventory (if player is in creative mode, then survival inventory is saved, and vice versa) to the database, and just switches the player to survival and applies the survival inventory.

    I’m sure this is a compatibility issue with some other plugin that makes changes in the inventory or gamemode on player quit or join. Specifying event priority might help, though. I’ll see if it helps in upcoming RC v3.

  7. Cloakfox

    When is this issue getting fixed?

    Players have discovered 3 dupes now due to way we “fixed“ this issue, we have decided to stop using restricted creative for now.

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