MegaBoot is a bootloader for Arduino. It's fully compatible with the original Arduino bootloader and provides some extra features.

It allows the programming of the microcontroller with avrdude or Arduino IDE.

avrdude -v -p m328p -c arduino -b 115200 -P <device> ...


The bootloader can be controlled via command line interface through UART (use minicom or an other serial communication program).

The MegaBoot shell is run when the application flash section is empty or if A0 pin is wired with the 5V pin during the MCU reset.

  • start : tries to start the application.
  • info : shows information about the device.
  • erase : erases the application flash section.

Arduino UNO (Atmega328p)

  • Low fuse : 0xFF
  • High fuse : 0xD8
  • Ext fuse : 05


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