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First you have to clone this repository and all its submodules:

git clone
cd pycon_de_website
git submodule init
git submodule update

Next create a virtualenv and install all the requirments into it. In this example we are using virtualenvwrapper to manage the virtualenv:

mkvirtualenv pyconde_website
workon pyconde_website
pip install -r requirements.txt

Now that this is complete, prepare the settings:

cd pyconde
cd ..

Everything should be in place now to initialize the database. If you want to use SQLite be warned that there are some issues with the migration steps done for some of django-cms' plugins. Therefor you will most likely have to run this:

python syncdb --noinput --all
python migrate --fake

If you want to use PostgreSQL (which is also used in production for this site), alter the DATABASES section of your pyconde/ accordingly and then run following command:

python syncdb --noinput --migrate

For PyCONDE we have prepared a bunch of fixtures that provide some basic conference data:

python loaddata fixtures/conference-setup.json
python loaddata tickets2012
python loaddata pyconde2012-tracks.json

After this is done, you should already have a working site, but it is still empty. To change that we have to create an admin user in order to gain access to the admin panel:

python createsuperuser

This will prompt a couple of questions you have to fill out. After this is complete, start the development-server on port 8000 with:

python runserver 8000

As a final step you have to create a frontpage in the via http://localhost:8000/admin/cms/page/add/.


live: fab -c live.ini upgrade staging: fab -c staging.ini upgrade


Parts of this project are based on work by the Symposion/Pinax team. Apps originating in Symposion are:

  • conference
  • sponsorship

Other 3rd-party components

This repository also contains various icons created by Paul Robert Lloyd. Every site using this component must either indicate this in the footer or in the imprint.