Damon1, version 1.2.05, June 6, 2017, copyright Pythias Consulting, LLC, 
Vancouver, Washington.

Get Started
1.  Review the documentation on the Pythias website,

2.  Follow the instructions ("Download") for downloading Numpy and Python.  I
recommend either the Anaconda or Enthought distributions.

3.  Open the Python interpreter, called IDLE.

4.  To start from a pre-defined template with cheat-sheet, in the IDLE menu, 
go to File/Open Module.  Type:  damon1.templates.blank.  A Python scripting 
window will pop up.  

5.  Save damon1.templates.blank under a new name in a directory of your choice.

6.  Hit the F5 key.  This will automatically load all the required modules 
for running damon.

7.  Start programming.  The template script gives basic information on the 
commands you will need and how to access help.

8.  When you get stuck, contact me through the Forum link on the website.

Python -- version 2.5 or higher, but not 3.0 or higher.

Numpy -- the most recent version that is compatible with Python.

matplotlib -- this is optional, for creating graphs and other visuals.

It is recommended that you get either the free Anaconda distribution (Continuum
Analytics) or the Enthought distribution.  Both include Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, 
and a large suite of other numerical computing tools.  They ensure that all 
relevant software packages are mutually compatible.  

Apache License, version 2.0

In damon1.irt_tools(), fixed a type-related bug in est_gpc().

In tools.estimate_error(), improved handling of arrays with
invalid columns.

In tools.equate() improved handling of rescaling.