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Dimitris Glezos
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The standard code style (conventions) for Python is PEP8 and PEP257:

This is a suggestion to make all code adhere to these guidelines.

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  1. Dimitrios Leventeas
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    After the recent changes, we claim compliance to PEP #8 for layout, imports, whitespaces in expressions and statements. The rest of them (comments, documentation strings, naming conventions) will follow soon.

    Is there a tool to verify the compliance to these standards?

  2. Dimitrios Leventeas

    My best guess is that we comply to PEP #8 now. Doc strings remain to close[1] the bug.

    Deviations from the bullets above:

    • Wrap to 79 characters (as suggested in PEP #8)
    • Some import * have been replaced. The remaining could not be replaced at the moment. There is need of refactoring to do so.

    Finally, speaking of the off-ticket tip. Nice suggestion, we are going to study these ways (I knew only about the dictionaries) and see whether if... elif... else statements could be optimised.

    [1] There is a thought of leaving the bug as perpetually open, serving as guideline/reminder every once in a while.

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