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CEID Battle

By TasPython Copyright (C) 2009


A battle among you and the ceid professors. Are you strong enough to last 'till the end?

CEID Battle is a simple game in python where you can use your own avatar from my.ceid and fight your beloved professors.


These are required to run the source code:

Python 2.5 - http://www.python.org/ PyGame 1.8.1 - http://www.pygame.org/



If you are running from source:
  1. Make sure the above are installed
  2. Run with ./ceid-battle or python ceid-battle. If you are using Windows, open Command line (WinKey + R > cmd) and run something like C:Python26python.exe $(path-to-the-game)ceid-battle


Double-click on CEID_Battle.exe [no Windows exe atm]


  • Use the arrow keys (1st player) or asdw keys to move (2nd player)
  • Use the left mouse button to place food.
  • Use 'x' or '0' to teleport
  • Use spacebar to pause the game
  • Use 'm' to mute the music
  • Backspace to return to main screen

The object of the game is to grow as much as possible in the time limit. To grow you must eat the "good" food or the "all mighty" otherwise you shrink. Have fun!

Home page: http://taspython.eu

Bug reports:
Please include enough information for the maintainers to reproduce the problem. Generally speaking, that means:
  • the contents of any input files necessary to reproduce the bug and command line invocations of the program(s) involved (crucial!).
  • a description of the problem and any samples of the erroneous output.
  • the version number of the program(s) involved (use --version).
  • hardware, operating system, and compiler versions (uname -a).
  • unusual options you gave to configure, if any (see config.status).
  • anything else that you think would be helpful.

Patches are most welcome; if possible, please make them using Mercurial.

The initial realease of CEID Battle was described by Dimitris Leventeas and Kostas Aravanis. Please see the ./AUTHORS file.

CEID Battle is free software. See the file COPYING for copying conditions.

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved.