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Welcome to the CEID Battlefield!

Welcome to the wiki of the CEID Battle project. This project is a game that is developped from the TasPython team. TasPython is a Greek PUG located at the city of Patras. The game is developed under GPL v3.

The CEID Battle's start screen CEID_Battle1.png The CEID Battlefield The CEID Battle's settings GPL v3 logo

What about the name

You may not understand what means CEID. CEID is the acronym of the Computer Engineering and Information Department of the University of Patras.

How to run

These are required to run the source code:

  1. Python 2.5 -
  2. PyGame 1.8.1 -

If you are running from source (platform-independant):

  1. Make sure the above are installed
  2. Run the executable ``ceid-battle`` or ``python ceid-battle`` (if python is in your path). If you are using Windows, open Command line (WinKey + R > cmd) and run something like C:\Python26\python.exe $(path-to-the-game)\ceid-battle

If you are running a windows binary (windows only) (not available at the moment):

  1. Double-click on CEID_Battle.exe

What is the game about

In this game the students of CEID are fighting with the department's professors.

There are many kind of professors:

  1. The GOOD ones, that help you
  2. The BAD ones, who damage you
  3. The EVIL one... yes he is really bad
  4. And the GOD, who may save you...

The game can be played from one or two players.

A cool feature of the game is that if the user has upload his avatar (that uses at department's forum) at the Diogenis Server, he can play with it by just typing his username.


A List of Issues of the CEID Battle project:

  • #18 Separate gameover screen (open)
  • #6 Keep part of score list sorted (new)
  • #9 Display highscores (new)
  • #11 Bricks (open)
  • #12 A robot (new)
  • #13 Foods may shoots you! (new)
  • #17 Main menu animation displayed only on start (open)
  • #1 Documentation & one-click installation (open)
  • #15 Levels (new)
  • #2 Standard Code Style (open)
  • #3 Roadmap (new)

Also you can find a simple roadmap for the project at: In our future plans is the roadmap to be a specific page in the TasPython's site.


In alphabetical order:

Also, must be thanked Giorgos Sfakianakis and Nikos Nodarakis for their patches and PyMike and Geomtrian for the class Input.


You can contribute by posting Issues and Patches for the code developing or by helping with the Documentation!