Maciej Fijalkowski committed c1833b6

fix fix fix

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 def _contains_gcptr(TP):
+    TP = TP.OF
     if not isinstance(TP, lltype.Struct):
+        if isinstance(TP, lltype.Ptr) and TP.TO._gckind == 'gc':
+            return True
         return False
     for TP in TP._flds.itervalues():
         if isinstance(TP, lltype.Ptr) and TP.TO._gckind == 'gc':
     TP = lltype.typeOf(source).TO
     assert TP == lltype.typeOf(dest).TO
-    if isinstance(TP.OF, lltype.Ptr) and (TP.OF.TO._gckind == 'gc'
-                                          or _contains_gcptr(TP.OF.TO)):
+    if _contains_gcptr(TP):
         # perform a write barrier that copies necessary flags from
         # source to dest
         if not llop.gc_writebarrier_before_copy(lltype.Bool, source, dest,


     assert a2[2].y == 15
 def test__contains_gcptr():
-    assert not rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.Signed)
-    assert not rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.Struct('x', ('x', lltype.Signed)))
-    assert rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.Struct('x', ('x', lltype.Signed),
-                           ('y', lltype.Ptr(lltype.GcArray(lltype.Signed)))))
-    assert rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.Struct('x', ('x', lltype.Signed),
-                           ('y', llmemory.GCREF)))
+    assert not rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.GcArray(lltype.Signed))
+    assert not rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.GcArray(
+        lltype.Struct('x', ('x', lltype.Signed))))
+    assert rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.GcArray(
+        lltype.Struct('x', ('x', lltype.Signed),
+                      ('y', lltype.Ptr(lltype.GcArray(lltype.Signed))))))
+    assert rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.GcArray(
+        lltype.Struct('x', ('x', lltype.Signed),
+                      ('y', llmemory.GCREF))))
+    assert rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.GcArray(lltype.Ptr(lltype.GcStruct('x'))))
+    assert not rgc._contains_gcptr(lltype.GcArray(lltype.Ptr(lltype.Struct('x'))))
 def test_ll_arraycopy_small():
     TYPE = lltype.GcArray(lltype.Signed)
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