RafRaf committed aa4ba33

fix: unicode error

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         poll = self.poll.resolve(context)
         items = self.items.resolve(context)
         #'name' =
-        pattern1 = '{3}<br /><input name="poll_{0}" ' \
+        pattern1 = u'{3}<br /><input name="poll_{0}" ' \
                    'type="{1}" id="{2}" value="" /><br />'
-        pattern2 = '<input name="poll_{0}" type="{1}" id="{2}" /> {3}<br />'
-        result = ''
+        pattern2 = u'<input name="poll_{0}" type="{1}" id="{2}" /> {3}<br />'
+        result = u''
         #Choose an input type
         for item in items:
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