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 buildcounter is a small (ISC-licensed) tool that helps keeping track of different builds for projects in C/C++. It works by creating and modifying a header file that contains a define like this:
-    #define BUILDNO 17
+``#define BUILDNO 17``
 Add following line to your makefile or as a post-build step to your project:
-    buildcounter buildno.h
+``buildcounter buildno.h``
 I recommend to do it after successful linking so that only successful builds increase the build count. Otherwise, fixing compile errors with many failed attempts lead to jumps in the build count.
 Also run it once manually to make sure that buildno.h exists and contains the define. Include the buildno.h and use the define to output your build number.
 buildcounter knows this parameters:
     Silent mode; this does not output the new contents to stdout
---version, -h or --help:
+\-\-version, -h or --help
     Print the usage with versioning information and link to this repository
     Use this parameter to use one of the other parameter names as the output filename (do you really want that?)