Should be able to add Cypher DELETE clause after WHERE

Issue #40 resolved
Aran Mulholland
created an issue

This doesn't compile


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  1. Tatham Oddie

    Can't you do that already?

        .Where("type(r) = WORK_ROLE_GAINED_EXPERIENCE_ON_ASSET")

    What doesn't work?

  2. Aran Mulholland reporter

    I get a compile time error

    Error 1 'Neo4jClient.Cypher.ICypherFluentQueryWhere' does not contain a definition for 'Delete' and no extension method 'Delete' accepting a first argument of type 'Neo4jClient.Cypher.ICypherFluentQueryWhere' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    Am I missing an assembly reference?

    Is there a test that demonstrates how to do this?

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