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<br>This is frog.</br>
<br>frog is an irc bot written in python.</br>
<br>Based off work from lahwran's crow frog has some nice little extras that i added in to make life easy.</br>
<br>Frog is abit different to other skybots or Cloudbot as most of its settings are in the config.</br>
<br>If you want to see frog in action join aperture.esper.net:6666 on irc then join his channel #frog on aperture.esper.net .</br>
<br>frog requires atleast Python 2.6 or above to run.</br>
<br>It is Highly recommended to run python 2.7.3 as this is the version of python that is tested with.</br>
<br>Frog also requires these modules/libraries for the version of python you have:</br>
<br>- sqlite3 (included in the installation of python.(bastically you have python installed with no errors and you should have this!))</br>
<br>- lxml (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/lxml)</br>
<br>and these ones are optional but recommended:</br>
<br>- python 2.7 (not a module/library but you can only use BeautifulSoup on 2.7 and not 2.6 due to something with BeautifulSoup)</br>
<br>- beautiful soup (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/BeautifulSoup/3.2.1)</br>
<br>To run frog's webserver you're gonna need:</br>
<br>- Cherrypy 3</br>
<br>- Mako</br>
<br>all of the above plugins/modules/libraries can be obtained from http://pypi.python.org</br>;
<br>i wish to give credit to these people/repos:</br>
<br>- lahwran/skybot</br>
<br>- ClouDev/CloudBot</br>
<br>- rmmh/skybot</br>
<br>- Red_M</br>