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Issue #20 resolved
Cammy created an issue

There's three details about the command line interface that I think could be improved.

  • When downloading, I have to add the -n argument no mater what. This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the fact that I can't give it a parameter that's larger than the total amount of comics available: If I want to download everything I have to give it the exact amount of comics there are. A solution for this would be to either remove that limitation (If I give it -n 999, just download as many comics as you can), add a special parameter to just download everything (-n all) or simply remove the requirement of giving it a -n value altogether.

  • Add a parameter to select if I want to save the images directly or compress them to cbz.

  • When downloading multiple ones, the program downloads from the end to the beginning. I understand how this happened -Bato.to displays them in this order, and this program parses the pages directly- but I'd be glad if there was an option to select if I want to download the other way around. A big issue I see with this is the fact that the -n option lets you select the last comics (Chronologically) to download but not the first ones, meaning that if my download is interrupted, I have to start over.

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