works in vita encore 3.68?

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ctmanager.vpk v 4 installation success install theme success change theme on setting success -revert it back to default theme success reboot without use new theme success -theme appears on setting without h encore active -change theme without h encore success -revert it back to default success -theme appears on setting with h encore active -change theme with h encore active success -revert it back to default theme success reboot without use theme on condition h encore active or deactive success

problem -without h encore active change theme other than default and reboot turn off on vita didnt turn it back to default result "infinite loading screen" solution restore the system and impact system, data and settings reset to default including h encore need to reinstall and of course including theme will be delete by system default -active h encore change the theme and reboot turn off/on vita without revert theme to default result same as before "infinite loading screen"

question is this application totally works fine on cfw 3.68 vita? or i do some mistake that give fatal error that force me to restore the system? if this application really works fine on 3.68 what i should to do? im already try make and install theme both in ur0: and ux0: and trying copy the theme name folder including content on bdgl/t/theme name or bdgl/t/0001/theme name and result "infinite loading" hope i got solution here if this application really works well on 3.68

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    For what I know the program should work fine with h-encore, or at least you're the first one to report a similar problem. However I have no idea about bdgl etc... folders you're talking about, this application install custom themes in (ux0-ur0-uma0)/customtheme/ path and the PSVita loads the files directly from there, there is no bdgl folder involved in the procedure o.O So far the only known issue is that in some circumstances (like removed partitions used for installation) white icons appears (the PSVita does not load icon picrtures correctly), but this is the very first time I read about "infinite loading screen". The worst thing is that I have only a 3.60 PSTV and a 3.65 PSVita here, so I can not test nor reproduce the issue, sorry :( Do you have any plugin enabled that could interfere with themes? And do you have any "not buyed" official theme installed too (for example downloaded with NPS Browser or similar tools)?

    I'll try to contact some other 3.68 user to check if it's a common problem or it just happens to you

  2. Red Squirrel repo owner

    So if you install the theme with v3.00 the "infinite loading" does not happen? It's an issue related just to the v4.00?

  3. Angad Singh

    Yes, I tested that theme a while ago. If you could link me to a vpk for 3.00 I could test it again. Ill try running a diff on that theme vs one that works for me.

  4. Red Squirrel repo owner

    I searched for it on the web but it seems that nobody mirrored the download link and since in the download section here, my bad, I continuously overwrite the latest available version, there is no way to get v3.00 now :(

    However I found the v2.00 on the GekiHEN contest page here: It should still be useful to understand if it is a problem introduced with v4.00 or if it was there already before

  5. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Anyway guys, please could you tell me if you have other active plugins or you used other partitions (for example SDVita or similar) or if you have official themes installed by other "methods" that are not the buying and downloading them from PSStore? Because it seems very strange that this could be a bug introduced by v4.00, I mean, h-encore came out last July and the v4.00 of CTM was released in September and yet in 4 months no one had ever reported something like this :S If it was a common bug of the app I think in all this time I would have received tons of reports, since from what you say the only way to fix it is to reset everything (so a very serious bug). I also double checked the diff files on my cloud between v3.00 and v4.00 source main file and there is no significant change in the install function between the two versions (except for support for partitions other than ux0), all this makes me think that it could be a bug related to some incompatibility with plugins or caused by some unconventional operation done on the database from other sources

  6. Angad Singh

    I have 3 plugins, repatch, vita cheats and one that adds battery percentage. I will reset my tai config and see if it still happens. Again this might not be a bug since only happens on specific themes for me.

  7. Red Squirrel repo owner

    So no SDVita and all the themes installed on ux0? Thank you very much for your tests

  8. Angad Singh

    I will try and find more examples of themes that dont work. I actually just recently upgraded to 4.00 and was using 3.00 with h-encore 3.68 for a while.

  9. Angad Singh

    I will give a link to my db file sometime today.

    Yes. Not that I am currently aware of. Maybe OP has another one.

  10. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Good news, it seems I could find a colleague who has the 3.68 and h-encore, tomorrow he said he'll bring his PSVita so I can test myself and see if i can reproduce this bug in order to fix it :)

  11. Angad Singh

    Thats great. Ill still post my db file later today. Might just be something wrong with my setup.

  12. Red Squirrel repo owner

    In the meantime I updated the custom theme on the repository (saenai heroine no sodatekata) fixing all the validation problems it had, could you kindly try again and see if by any chance it works well now?

    Please try uninstalling the old theme and reinstalling the new one from the scratch with CTM v4.00, just to be sure it was a problem related to the theme and not to the app. Thank you very much

  13. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Ok I just got a confirmation from an user on Twitter that now that custom theme no longer causes that "infinite loading screen" bug when you reboot :D So it seems that it was indeed an issue related to the files of the theme, maybe a corrupted/wrong PNG image. Of course I'll still wait for a your confirmation before to close this issue, so please let me know if it works for you too and also if you find/know any other theme that causes the same bug so that I can fix it thx

  14. Angad Singh

    Hi, I can confirm that the theme was fixed. So could it have been an issue with images sizes as those where the only warning I saw on the original. Thank you for help.

  15. Red Squirrel repo owner

    I'm glad that we were finally able to find the source of the problem and solve it :) Obviously if the OP has any other "problematic" custom theme to report he can always do it (directly here or even in the comments on the repository) and I will fix it as soon as possible.

    Meanwhile, I have also given directives to the repository moderators to try, from now on, also to reboot the console with the theme active, this to avoid other similar cases in the future đź‘Ť

  16. Carl Dacayo

    i just had a problem on this app, can you guys help me on this ctmanager, because i cant download any themes because it always says unable to download the list from the online repo, please try again. and im connected to internet… what could be the problem…. please help

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