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This is my fault but just letting you know it happens (you probably already know), I had installed several themes to check which I had preferred and then decided to delete the themes. I tried deleting them on the psv theme settings which gave me an error, so I then went into the vitashell and deleted the themes drirectly from the ux0. This caused the themes to not have any data but still be there by name and an empty placeholder where the themes would display on applying the theme. I had then realised there was an uninstall on the app, once I tried to uninstall the deleted themes, the uninstall would not uninstall and the vita would freeze, so after a while I grew impatient and tried to close it to no avail, so I left it running then I turned the vita off completely using the power button, then the next time I had come back on to CT manager to try apply a theme, it would say "GPU driver detected GPU crash" "Generating CoreDump[]" Then I would not be able to use the app at all, I had uninstalled and will attempt to reinstall tomorrow morning

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Mmh, from what you say you have practically messed up both your internal database and that one of the app xD. My advice for putting things back functional is to first uninstall CTM and reinstall it from scratch (this will eliminate any corrupted files after your forced shutdown), then go into the recovery menu of your PSVita and restore the database (this will remove any traces of Custom Themes that have been left pending). In the future please always remember (but I think by now you will remember it anyway xD) that Custom Themes can be uninstalled only from the specific function of the app (CTM), you cannot uninstall them from the PSVita Settings menu like the official themes

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