Reinstalling CTM from Homebrew Browser causing GPU crash

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Former user created an issue

Every time I try to install the application through the homebrew browser I get a GPU Crash message, but when the VITA restarts the application gets installed on the system. I'm looking for several ways to solve this GPU problem when trying to download through HBB but with no results. The application works normally because a specific theme is causing infinite loop when installed and restarting the vita, ready only having to turn off the VITA and remove the card and call again so that the system does not recognize the theme and then redo the processes to put the sd card back. Could you explain if the GPU error is directly linked to your CTManager when downloading by HBB? because installing via vpk this does not occur.

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    You should submit this question to HBB developers, I can’t know how their installation procedure works and why it crashes when installing CTM xD

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